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Ensuring your cargo moves reliably from origin to final destination, proactive throughout the lifecycle of each shipment, and always available.

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Global logistics is a complicated business that involves many hand-offs across borders, different languages, regulations and oftentimes unexpected challenges. We understand this and are ready to provide you with the care, attention and timely, flexible solutions to keep your cargo moving safe and sound.



All the details without the devil.

A large art installation, a yacht, or a theme park ride - whatever you need to move we can help plan your shipment ensuring all the necessary resources are lined up. We identify the transportation modes, routes, and contract on your behalf.



Pass, go, deliver cargo.

The more unique your cargo the more complex the customs and regulatory clearance. Depending on the countries involved, there may be a variety of permits and licenses needed before your cargo can be released at destination. Learn more about ASF’s Customs Brokerage Service.
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Don’t get sunk.

To protect against damage or loss during transport we work with you to obtain insurance coverage. We will consult on the appropriate coverage and ensure that you are fully protected. Learn more about ASF’s Cargo Insurance.
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Watching the high sees.

Monitor the shipment throughout the transportation process to ensure that it is progressing according to plan. Use our tracking technology in the ASF Freight Platform to stay updated on your cargo’s journey. Learn more about our tech offering.
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Creative solutions for your unique cargo.

Throughout the globe, we’ll get it there safe and sound.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your rate quotes include all surcharges and additional fees?
Our rates are transparent. They include all known surcharges and clearly outline what costs are included in a quote. We stand fully behind our rate quotes.
What type of insurance coverage is available from ASF?
Cargo insurance insures property while in transit against loss or damage arising from perils associated with the navigation of sea or air and subsequent land and inland waterways.
Do you assist with navigating all relevant regulations and have a clear process for customs clearance?
Yes, ASF has a complete customs brokerage team that is prepared to navigate your customs clearance quickly and effectively.
How do you track shipments and provide updates?
You can rely on our freight technology platform to provide you with complete, detailed milestone visibility to your shipments from origin booking to door delivery including live updates.
How do you handle issues or problems that arise during shipping?
We’re responsive and proactive, ready to keep your supply chain on track. If there’s an issue of any kind we’re ready to review it and determine the best way to resolve it. 
Who do we contact when we need support?
Contact your dedicated account manager who is always ready to provide you with personalized support and care.
How does ASF address environmental sustainability?
We are an environmentally aware business that focuses on working with customers to help them reduce the impact of their supply chain on the environment. This is accomplished by supporting ocean carriers that prioritize sustainability and green, climate-friendly initiatives including reducing waste, pollution and emissions.