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Navigating regulations and ensuring compliant, swift, and hassle-free transit for all your international shipments.

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The complexity of customs

The gatekeeper of international trade, customs compliance is a vital part of moving goods across borders. Given the complexities of customs regulations and their disparate application across markets, customs clearance becomes a demanding task, necessitating a deep understanding of procedures and adaptability to avoid pitfalls like delays and fines. Businesses can't afford a diversion in the customs process, making an experienced brokerage team an invaluable resource. Optimize compliance and overall supply chain activity with customs consulting and clearance from ASF.

Navigating customs requirements with experts

Experience a seamless compliance experience with ASF’s Licensed US Customs House Brokers. Our complete customs brokerage team has years of experience mastering the intricacies of clearance from tariff classification to precise customs valuation and in-depth customs procedures. Our approach embodies best practices at every turn, ensuring a transparent and efficient trading journey. For the most knowledgeable and proactive customs services, make ASF your partner.

Customs clearance: reliable, knowledgeable, and efficient.

Ship Without Worry
With ASF, shipping becomes stress-free and straightforward. Our customs brokerage team ensures that every detail is managed, letting you focus on your business and ship without worry.
Sidestep Bureaucracy
Meeting and advising on all necessary international standards and regulations, our team stays updated with the latest global trade changes. We apply our knowledge to your business, offering strategic customs consultancy that ensures your export and import activity remains compliant. 
We Handle the Paperwork
Freeing businesses from the tedious task of documentation, we take the lead, managing all paperwork intricacies with precision that reduces the chances of delays or discrepancies.

Your success is our top priority.

With an experienced and informed team, your shipments are in good hands. Understanding the latest regulations and being able to quickly and accurately adapt is essential to customs clearance and international shipping. Our customs brokers proactively communicate with you every step of the way and address challenges quickly to deliver optimal supply chain solutions.

Remaining compliant while crossing borders.

From origin determination to product classification, valuation, customs declaration, inspection, and more, customs clearance is a long and treacherous journey. To top it all off, the process varies significantly across countries due to differences in regulations, trade agreements, infrastructure, and administrative practices. Additionally, shifts in geopolitical relations and trade agreements can dramatically alter the landscape, making it imperative for businesses to have the agility and expertise to adapt to these changes while ensuring efficient and compliant customs clearance processes.

ASF's customs clearance process

Distinguished by expertise and adaptability, our team will take the lead while you focus on more important tasks. We understand that every import and export venture is unique, which is why we offer a free consultation to tailor our services precisely to your needs. We are dedicated to staying updated with evolving free trade agreements and geopolitical shifts, ensuring your customs clearance process remains efficient and compliant. Rely on us to expertly navigate the complexities of customs clearance, guiding your international trade endeavors toward success.

Why use ASF for customs brokerage?

Ensuring trade compliance while your cargo crosses global borders. Our longstanding presence in the customs brokerage arena is rooted in years of hands-on experience, giving us unmatched insights into the nuances of global trade. Our team combines experience with cutting-edge technology, offering real-time tracking and swift communication for unmatched client satisfaction.

Ship Your Goods
  • Classifications Guidance

    Customs tariff assistance for payment accuracy.

  • No Hold Ups

    Prompt personal attention to any customs issues for seamless cargo flow.

  • Simple Processing

    Customs consultants can reduce complexity and ensure effective delivery.

  • Open Lines

    Efficient communication and direct contact with customs agencies.

ASF’s commitment to personalized service and its ability to deliver results has made them a trusted partner of Raymour and Flanigan for over 15 years. Their knowledge, dependability and customer focus have allowed us to maintain a steadfast supply chain which is imperative to our brand.”

David Mirabito,

Global Director Of Logistics

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ASF ensure that my shipments remain compliant with customs regulations?
Our customs brokerage team is consistently updated on global trade changes and international standards. With our in-depth knowledge and strategic customs consultancy, we can help ensure that your export and import activities adhere to all necessary regulations.
How do you manage customs paperwork for businesses?
We take charge of the intricate documentation required for customs clearance. By handling every detail, we free businesses from this tedious task, saving you time, ensuring precision, and reducing the chances of delays or discrepancies.
What should I expect during ASF's customs clearance process?
We start with a free consultation to understand your requirements. Our team then guides you through every step, ensuring efficient and compliant customs clearance processes while adapting to evolving regulations and geopolitical shifts.
Are there any goods that ASF cannot help clear through customs?
While ASF handles a vast range of goods, there may be specific restrictions or prohibitions in some countries. We recommend discussing your specific shipment with our team to ensure smooth transit.
How does ASF ensure accurate customs tariff classification for my goods?
Our service includes comprehensive customs tariff assistance, ensuring payment accuracy. This not only guarantees that you pay the correct amount but also prevents potential hold-ups due to misclassification.
How do you handle unexpected customs issues?
With our prompt personal attention to any customs issues, we ensure a seamless cargo flow. Our open lines of communication and direct contact with customs agencies allow us to address and resolve challenges swiftly.
What if I'm new to international shipping? How can ASF assist?
New or experienced, every client is a priority at ASF. We offer a free consultation to understand your needs, and our customs consultancy provides guidance on all aspects, from customs tariffs to paperwork, ensuring a smooth introduction to international trade.