Customs Brokerage

A clear path to international markets.

Ensure your goods move across borders smoothly and without issue, adhering to all government compliance regulations. With our expertise in customs brokerage and compliance, navigating the complexities of global trade becomes simpler and more efficient.

Let us help you navigate global borders with ease.

Reduce time and stress with our cost-effective trade compliance consulting.
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Customs adherence is 100% tedious but 100% essential.

A single global shipment may require between 5 to 10 documents. Staying current with the latest customs regulations and mastering the procedures for handling import/export permits and documentation swiftly and accurately is crucial. This expertise helps avoid costly penalties and ensures full compliance, keeping your goods moving smoothly across borders.

• Customs Clearance
• Import/Export Documentation
• Tariff & Classification
• Duty & Tax Calculation
• Compliance & Regulations
• and more...

Global trade compliance and consulting services delivered with the highest standards.

For over 25 years, our in-house Customs House Brokerage team has continuously adapted to the evolving landscape of international trade regulations, earning the gratitude and trust of our clients. We handle everything from import clearance to export documentation, permitting, and trade compliance. Our expertise guarantees swift customs clearance and the avoidance of any penalties and delays, ensuring your goods move smoothly and efficiently across borders.

Safe and sound.
By ensuring all documentation is accurate and complete, we safeguard your critical shipments against delays.
On your mark, get set, go.
Our deep understanding of customs protocols and ability to navigate electronic filing systems reduces wait times at borders and avoids penalties.
We got your back.
Our deep experience enables us to foresee and mitigate potential obstacles that might delay your shipment.

A complete customs solution to
complete your cargo’s journey.

From customs regulations to import clearance, understanding international trade regulations is complex. Let our compliance experts guide you every step of the way.

Compliant? Of course.
We ensure conformity to laws and regulations governing the exchange of your goods across international borders.
Allowed to pass. Go!
Whether you’re importing or exporting, we secure all of the appropriate permissions and licenses needed.
Crunching the numbers.
We calculate all applicable taxes and tariffs to ensure trade compliance and fast customs clearance.
We've got it cleared, let's make sure it's protected.

Whether by sea, air, or land, our cargo insurance and expert customs brokerage services shield your shipments from risks like border delays and unexpected hold-ups, ensuring your cargo moves smoothly and securely.

Customs brokerage is one
of many steps in our process
toward your success.

Get a complete transportation solution for all of your cargo that includes custom
brokerage, cargo insurance, and more.



Your cargo is our priority.

We work closely with you to provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs. A dedicated ASF team member stands by your side proactively watching your cargo’s journey.



Smooth transitions.

Depending on the type of cargo and the countries involved, you will need to obtain a variety of permits, licenses, and clearances from regulatory authorities. We’ve got you covered.



Your cargo secured.

To protect against damage or loss during transport we work with you to obtain insurance coverage. We will consult on the appropriate coverage and ensure that you are fully protected.
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Monitor every move.

Real-time data and insights into your cargo's condition is crucial. This enables you to track your cargo's progress, anticipate issues, and ensure optimal condition upon arrival.
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Global reach, local expertise.

Our global network ensures that we can handle your shipment needs, whether within the United States or internationally. Our expertise as international freight forwarders allows us to navigate the complexities of global logistics, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination efficiently.

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Why use ASF for customs brokerage?

Ensuring compliance while your cargo crosses global borders.

Ship Your Goods
  • Classifications Guidance

    Tariffs assistance for payment accuracy.

  • No Hold Ups

    Prompt personal attention for seamless cargo flows.

  • Simple Processing

    Reducing complexity means effective delivery.

  • Open Lines

    Efficient communication direct with customs agencies.

It’s time to be cared for. It’s time to contact ASF.

If you’re tired of dealing with freight forwarders that don’t respond, only sell on price, and don’t take the time to understand your needs, it’s time to contact ASF.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ASF ensure that my shipments remain compliant with customs regulations?
Our customs brokerage team is consistently updated on global trade changes and international standards. With our in-depth knowledge and strategic customs consultancy, we can help ensure that your export and import activities adhere to all necessary regulations.
How do you manage customs paperwork for businesses?
We take charge of the intricate documentation required for customs clearance. By handling every detail, we free businesses from this tedious task, saving you time, ensuring precision, and reducing the chances of delays or discrepancies.
What should I expect during ASF's customs clearance process?
We start with a free consultation to understand your requirements. Our team then guides you through every step, ensuring efficient and compliant customs clearance processes while adapting to evolving regulations and geopolitical shifts.
Are there any goods that ASF cannot help clear through customs?
While ASF handles a vast range of goods, there may be specific restrictions or prohibitions in some countries. We recommend discussing your specific shipment with our team to ensure smooth transit.
How does ASF ensure accurate customs tariff classification for my goods?
Our service includes comprehensive customs tariff assistance, ensuring payment accuracy. This not only guarantees that you pay the correct amount but also prevents potential hold-ups due to misclassification.
How do you handle unexpected customs issues?
With our prompt personal attention to any customs issues, we ensure a seamless cargo flow. Our open lines of communication and direct contact with customs agencies allow us to address and resolve challenges swiftly.
What if I'm new to international shipping? How can ASF assist?
New or experienced, every client is a priority at ASF. We offer a free consultation to understand your needs, and our customs consultancy provides guidance on all aspects, from customs tariffs to paperwork, ensuring a smooth introduction to international trade.