ASF Flexitanks: Innovation in Bulk Liquid Transportation

Our complete end-to-end Flexitank logistics and transportation solution is the cost effective, environmentally friendly and reliable solution to bulk liquid transportation.

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The most innovative offering in the logistics market.

Flexitank containers are changing the logistics industry by offering the best solution in non-hazardous bulk liquid transport. Utilizing the only Flexitank made in North America, ASF offers the best in the Flexitank market in terms of quality and accessibility.

Rely on durable construction & expert transportation

ASF Flexitanks feature a multi-layer protective lining and a rugged outer layer that can hold up to 24,000 liters of liquid. Seamlessly fitting into a 20-foot standard shipping container, ASF Flexitanks are ready to transport your valuable, non-hazardous liquid cargo. From fruit juice to wine to edible oil and other bulk liquids, they are a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

A smart way to save.

Minimize your freight charges with Flexitanks. Loading and unloading time is reduced by 90% as compared to ISO tanks and IBC totes or drums so you save with every shipment. Let us unlock the value Flexitanks can deliver to your bottom line.

Fill’er up!

Every Flexitank has a convenient load and discharge valve which makes it easy to regulate the flow of liquid at origin and destination. Flexitanks hold a capacity range from 6,500 to 24,000 liters of liquid.
A home for every liquid

Straightforward protection.

From wine, agricultural oils, liquid latex, malt extracts, and fruit juices to liquid detergents, bio-fuels, refined base oils, and non-hazardous chemicals, all these non-hazardous liquids are well suited to using ASF Flexitanks.
Temperature controlled

For your cold and warm chain, too.

The 3 tank Flexitank reefer is ideal for transporting products that require a cold chain environment, including fruit juices and life science products. It’s also suited to warm chains for oils.
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The most effective, affordable & sustainable solution.

We're confident our Flexitanks will outperform every alternative liquid transportation solution. It's not just about making the logistics process faster, it's about making it smarter, more efficient, and less resource-intensive.

Compared to ISO tanks and IBC (intermediate bulk containers) tanks, Flexitanks offer a unique design and lighter-weight construction resulting in lower transportation costs and reduced CO2 emissions. We're proud to offer a solution that's both kind to the environment and your budget. As the Flexitank market size continues to grow, turn to ASF for high-quality containers and comprehensive services.

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Optimal Bulk Liquid Shipping Solutions

20-Foot Containers

The go-to international Flexitank solution has been 20-foot containers, but with a limited global supply, this strategy may not always serve as the best option for shippers. Due to a shrinking 20-foot global fleet, the rates for these containers can be unpredictable, fluctuating based on existing supply.

3-Tank Flexitank System

ASF’s 3-Tank Flexitank System emerges as a key solution. This innovative design allows for three 8k liter Flexitanks in a 40-foot container or 40-foot refrigerated container, optimizing space and ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of liquids. With more availability and higher quality, shippers can simplify liquid transport. The system's versatility is another key benefit, allowing up to three different product varieties in one shipment.

Trucking Solutions

Our 3-Tank Flexitank System can optimize inland logistics as well, seamlessly fitting into a 53-foot dry van or refrigerated van and making it an invaluable asset for road transportation. This adaptability proves particularly beneficial for domestic shipping of a wide range of liquids. The system stands out as a premier choice for transporting liquids within national borders, offering a combination of safety and efficiency.

Your global supply chain partner.

At ASF, we provide comprehensive supply chain solutions to facilitate seamless import and export operations around the world. Whether you're shipping to or from the bustling markets of Asia Pacific, the vibrant economies of South America and Latin America, the diverse regions of Europe, or beyond, our robust network and logistics expertise ensure efficient and reliable delivery of your liquid cargo. With our global reach and local insights, we proactively navigate customs and complexities, ensuring your shipments move smoothly across borders, continents, and cultures. Partner with ASF, and gain the advantage of a truly global logistics solution.

Trustworthy Transportation Solutions

We have had the privilege to work with the leadership of ASF for many years and consider them best-of-breed. They are the consummate professionals who know their business and how to execute!  They have knowledge of the flexitank industry that is second to none in the global bulk liquid freight forwarding industry.

Bud LaCombe,

Chief Operating Officer



Experience counts.

You can be confident in your service provider when it is ASF. We have a centralized group of experts with many years of hands on expertise leading our all-inclusive, end-to-end logistics service including fitting the Flexitank.



Greenlight, go!

Avoid possible delays crossing borders with ASF’s Custom Brokerage. We obtain all permits, licenses, and clearances from regulatory authorities, such as customs and port authorities. We keep your bulk liquids moving.
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Liquid courage.

Give your shipments the strength they need to recover from any setback. Protect against damage or loss during transport with cargo insurance coverage for your bulk liquids. We consult on the appropriate coverage and ensure your cargo is protected.
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Track & trace every move.

Watch every move your bulk liquid makes at the pre-shipment, in-transit, and post-delivery level. With our global map feature, track the real-time locations of every vessel carrying your containers across the world. Click to learn more about our platform.
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Offering comprehensive liquid logistics.

We don't stop at Flexitanks. From import and export to customs clearance, contract management, and cargo insurance, we've got you covered through it all. At ASF, we prioritize a human-first approach to liquid logistics and freight forwarding. We strive to provide comprehensive, consistent, and reliable services to a wide range of markets. Choose ASF Flexitanks and experience a new level of dedication, honesty, and effective transportation.

Flexitank service like no other.

Throughout the globe, we'll get it there safe and sound.

Let's Work Together

Our bulk liquid community

We are proud to engage with a diverse global bulk liquid community that shares our vision and values. This network forms the foundation of our success, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional services to our clients. Together, we strive to achieve excellence, drive innovation, and create a lasting impact in our respective industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Flexitanks?
ASF Flexitanks are large, flexible containers designed to transport non-hazardous bulk liquids. These are the only Flexitanks made in North America, ensuring the highest quality and accessibility. They have a multi-layer bladder construction, with the capacity to hold up to 24,000 liters of liquid, making them a sustainable and cost-efficient solution for bulk liquid transport.
How much liquid can a single ASF Flexitank hold?
Each ASF Flexitank can hold up to 24,000 liters of non-hazardous liquid. ASF offer different volume options from 6,500 to 24,000 liters.
What types of liquids can be transported in ASF Flexitanks?
ASF Flexitanks are designed to transport a range of non-hazardous liquids, including agricultural oils, liquid latex, fruit juice, bio-fuels, refined base oils, and non-hazardous industrial chemicals.
How does an ASF Flexitank work?
ASF Flexitanks are made of a multi-layer bladder that is filled with the liquid to be transported. This bladder is then placed inside a standard 20-foot general freight container. Upon reaching the destination, the liquid is emptied out of the flexitank for distribution.
How do ASF Flexitanks compare to ISO tanks?
ASF Flexitanks can be more cost-efficient and sustainable than ISO steel tanks. They're easier and faster to load and unload, reducing labor and transportation costs. Furthermore, being single-use containers, they eliminate the need for expensive return journeys and cleaning that are associated with ISO tanks.
Are ASF Flexitanks safe to use?
Yes, ASF Flexitanks are designed with safety as a priority. Their multi-layer bladder construction includes a protective outer layer that shields the liquid cargo from potential damage during transit.
Do your rate quotes include all surcharges and additional fees?
Our rates are transparent. They include all known surcharges and clearly outline what costs are included in a quote. We stand fully behind our rate quotes.
What type of insurance coverage is available from ASF?
Cargo insurance insures property while in transit against loss or damage arising from perils associated with the navigation of sea or air and subsequent land and inland waterways.
Do you assist with navigating all relevant regulations and have a clear process for customs clearance?
Yes, ASF has a complete customs brokerage team that is prepared to navigate your customs clearance quickly and effectively.
How do you track shipments and provide updates?
You can rely on our freight technology platform to provide you with complete, detailed milestone visibility of your shipments from origin booking to door delivery including live updates.
How do you handle issues or problems that arise during shipping?
We’re responsive and proactive, ready to keep your supply chain on track. If there’s an issue of any kind we’re ready to review it and determine the best way to resolve it.
Who do we contact when we need support?
Contact your dedicated account manager who is always ready to provide you with personalized support and care.
How does ASF address environmental sustainability?
We are an environmentally aware business that focuses on working with customers to help them reduce the impact of their supply chain on the environment. This is accomplished by supporting ocean carriers that prioritize sustainability and green, climate-friendly initiatives including reducing waste, pollution, and emissions.