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Trust delivered with every ocean shipment.

From FCL to LCL, we transform the complexity of global shipping into an opportunity to support your business goals. With our global network and our flexible and tailored shipping solutions, our team works to ensure your cargo reaches its destination on time, within budget, and in pristine condition.

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The backbone of global trade.

No other mode of transportation has created global trade opportunities to the scale of global containerized shipping.

There is no denying it’s power and impact.

There is no denying ours either.

With established and healthy two-way relationships with every ocean carrier, and preferred status with the world's largest ocean carriers, we deliver world-class import and export services.

From factory floor to delivery door.

Scale, coverage, and flexibility are the cornerstones of our approach. When it comes to your FCL or LCL shipments our high standards have you covered. No matter what you are moving and where you are moving your cargo to, we have all the options:

• Dry
• Flat-rack
• Project Cargo
• Reefer
• Open-top and Out of Gauge
• And more

Countries covered


Ocean Carriers


TEUs moved

North, south, east, and west.
Our dedicated carrier contracts cover every major trade lane - with special expertise in the Asian, LATAM, and European markets.
A robust shipping community.
With contacts at the Federal Maritime Commission and all major ocean and land carriers, there is no problem our network can’t solve.
Established in 1999.
With over 25 years of experience we’ve seen it all, done it all, and continue to bring a high level of integrity and honor to the freight forwarding market.

Empowering your ocean supply chain.

We get how crucial a smooth supply chain is. Our solutions aim to boost your bottom line with efficient ocean transport and seamless connectivity for hassle-free inland delivery.

Flex your freight.
We provide FCL and LCL solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring you only pay for the space you need while maximizing flexibility.
Ice, ice, baby.
We understand the importance and requirements for your temperature-controlled shipments. We provide specialized reefer services to maintain optimal conditions for your perishables.
Freight for all!
If your cargo doesn’t fit the traditional TEU of FEU, we got your back. From Flexitanks to Flatracks to Opentops and more, we can accommodate it all.
Say hello to broad inland reach.

By land and by sea, import or export, we can get you anywhere you need to go. Count on dedicated relationships and capacity to move your cargo from start to finish. Whether you need drayage, LTL/FTL trucking, transload, or warehousing services, quality care is our priority.

• Drayage
• Warehousing
• Over The Road Trucking
• Distribution
• Transload
• And more

ASF’s commitment to personalized service and its ability to deliver results has made them a trusted partner of Raymour and Flanigan for over 15 years. Their knowledge, dependability and customer focus have allowed us to maintain a steadfast supply chain which is imperative to our brand.”

David Mirabito

Global Director of Logistics

More than just ocean shipping: a proactive human-first approach.

Human-centric logistics isn't just a concept, it is the soul of our company, and our clients consistently cite this as the reason they select ASF over our competitors.



Experience counts.

Simplify your shipping process with precise planning and preparation tailored to your needs.



Anchor's aweigh!

Navigate the complexities of permits and clearances effortlessly with our expert guidance.
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Protect and preserve.

Secure your peace of mind with comprehensive cargo insurance options.
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Real-time visibility.

Monitor your shipment from start to finish to ensure that it's progressing according to plan using The ASF Freight Platform.
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Global reach, local expertise.

Our global network ensures that we can handle your shipment needs, whether within the United States or internationally. Our expertise as a global freight forwarder allows us to navigate the complexities of global logistics, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination efficiently.

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Why use ASF for ocean shipping?

The right processes, technology, and the best people provides our clients with ASF's top-tier service.

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  • Industry Connections

    Strong, non-transactional relationships with our partners.

  • Real-time Visibility

    At the pre-shipment, in-transit, and post-delivery level.

  • Unmatched Integrity

    We say what we mean and mean what we say.

  • Deep Roots

    Real-life knowledge to inform your supply chain strategy.

It’s time to be cared for. It’s time to contact ASF.

If you’re tired of dealing with freight forwarders that don’t respond, only sell on price, and don’t take the time to understand your needs, it’s time to contact ASF.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are LCL and FCL shipments and how do they differ?
LCL stands for Less-Than-Container Load, a shipping option where multiple customers' goods share space in a single container. It's ideal for smaller shipments that don't require the use of an entire container. FCL, or Full Container Load, is when you rent an entire container for your shipment, making it more suitable for large volumes of goods. The primary differences lie in cost, efficiency, and the level of control you have over the shipping process. FCL is often more cost-effective per unit, offers increased security, and provides greater control over the shipment. LCL, on the other hand, offers flexibility and can be more cost-effective for smaller shipments. Both options come with their own set of advantages, and ASF Global specializes in providing tailored solutions for each.
Do your rate quotes include all surcharges and additional fees?
Our rates are transparent. They include all known surcharges and clearly outline what costs are included in a quote. We stand fully behind our rate quotes.
What type of insurance coverage is available from ASF?
Cargo insurance ensures property while in transit against loss or damage arising from perils associated with the navigation of sea or air and subsequent land and inland waterways.
Do you assist with navigating all relevant regulations and have a clear process for customs clearance?
Yes, ASF has a complete customs brokerage team that is prepared to navigate your customs clearance quickly and effectively.
How do you track shipments and provide updates?
You can rely on our freight technology platform to provide you with complete, detailed milestone visibility of your shipments from origin booking to door delivery including live updates.
How do you handle issues or problems that arise during shipping?
We’re responsive and proactive, ready to keep your supply chain on track. If there’s an issue of any kind we’re ready to review it and determine the best way to resolve it.
Who do we contact when we need support?
Contact your dedicated account manager who is always ready to provide you with personalized support and care.
How does ASF address environmental sustainability?
We are an environmentally aware business that focuses on working with customers to help them reduce the impact of their supply chain on the environment. This is accomplished by supporting ocean carriers that prioritize sustainability and green, climate-friendly initiatives including reducing waste, pollution, and emissions.