Angel Rodriguez joins ASF as President of ASF Air

ASF, the human standard in global logistics, announces the addition of Angel Rodriguez as President of ASF Air to champion the growth of the ASF Air service offering.

Angel Rodriguez joins ASF as President of ASF Air

Angel is an industry veteran with over 30 years of global end-to-end supply chain experience. In his most recent role at Flexport, Angel created and delivered air freight solutions to meet the demanding needs of Fortune 100 & 500 clients. He went on to deliver the highest tonnage and revenue contributions worldwide by any single individual in the history of the company. At Panalpina, Angel spearheaded successful solutions for all modes of transport with a focus on consumer & retail clients worldwide. Over his three-decade long career, Angel has served in a variety of leadership roles with some of the industry’s largest global forwarders. In each of these roles, he’s built market leading solutions from the ground up and has developed and executed various strategic airfreight solutions with a focus on client satisfaction.


As President of ASF Air, Angel brings a deep understanding of global logistics and customer care to today’s businesses that require supply chain flexibility and agility. Air transport offers speed, reliability, and global connectivity for time-sensitive and high-value shipments. It is a preferred choice for many industries that need to meet short deadlines, facilitate a product launch, ship sample orders, or need a speed to market solution.


What’s certain is that the shipper - airfreight service provider relationship will continue to be a critical component for success. Accurate forecasting and open communication between both parties will help them navigate most market volatilities.


“I’m thrilled to join ASF, a company with strong values of putting people first, honor, integrity, and unmatched customized services. ASF’s expertise and personalized service is a welcome capability for the shipping industry. We don’t try to fit our client’s needs into a predetermined solution– no one size fits all scenarios. Our clients benefit from our trusted, transparent way of doing business, and deserve the best service possible,” said Angel Rodriguez, President of ASF Air.


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ASF's people are at the heart of making logistics work, every day, day in and day out, with the highest human standards. The company's longstanding individualized approach to serving customers, backed by a knowledgeable team, has been consistently maintained since the company's founding.

The human connections and strong relationships ASF create are further strengthened through knowledge sharing, being available to discuss global shipping industry and market trends, and creatively addressing exceptions. ASF is flexible, willing to do things in new ways by working outside the box.

People-first, trusted processes and highly-respected, industry-leading freight technology is how ASF carves out a unique and important category as the human standard in global logistics.

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