ASF Logistics Expands Flexitank Capabilities, Led by Jeff Plumley, CCO

ASF Global Logistics announces expansion of ASF Flexitanks with Jeff Plumley, Chief Commercial Officer.

ASF Logistics Expands Flexitank Capabilities, Led by Jeff Plumley, CCO

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC / ASF Logistics, the human standard in global logistics, announces the expansion of their Flexitanks unit committed to driving adoption of this highly efficient and environmentally friendly form of shipping for non-hazardous bulk liquid cargo. Jeff Plumley brings his established Flexitanks and global logistics expertise to lead this endeavor.

ASF provides a complete end-to-end Flexitank logistics and transportation solution, including the traditional single tank and innovative, 3-tank system. U.S. shippers benefit from access to high quality tanks crafted in North America ensuring timely access, superior performance and reliability.

Flexitanks are a high quality solution for bulk liquids including: wine, agricultural oils, liquid latex, malt extracts, fruit juices, liquid detergents, bio-fuels, refined base oils and non-hazardous chemicals. As compared to drums, ISO tanks and IBC totes, Flexitanks have many advantages:

  • Shippers achieve a 90% reduction in loading and unloading times with Flexitanks as compared to ISO tanks and IBC totes, or drums
  • Loading and discharge of liquids is a precise process with Flexitanks reliable liquid flow control valve
  • Flexitanks can be used in 20' and 40' dry containers, or a 40' reefer
  • The 3-tank system allows shippers to transport up to three different product varieties in one shipment, and container space is optimized for greater product yield
  • 100% virgin film and no risk of cross contamination that occurs with ISO tanks

At a time of heightened environmental awareness and stringent government sustainability regulations, supply chain carbon footprints are under scrutiny. Flexitanks provide a greener alternative by enabling higher product transport capacity per container compared to other bulk liquid methods. Moreover, Flexitanks are entirely recyclable and reusable, eliminating the need for repositioning, unlike non-recyclable ISO tanks that necessitate round-trip transit. ISO tanks also must be flushed out with water prior to repositioning which wastes water and is especially inefficient in drought areas.

"We operate with high standards, integrity and put people first, always. This is the personalized, caring relationship our bulk liquids customers experience. I'm thrilled to head up this expansion of the ASF Flexitank product, bringing ASF's consistent, reliable high standards to the bulk liquids industry," said Jeff Plumley, CCO of ASF Logistics.

"The leadership of ASF are skilled professionals who know their business and how to execute. They have knowledge of the Flexitank industry that is second to none in the global bulk liquid freight forwarding industry," said Bud LaCombe, COO at Liquitank Solutions.

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