Human Centric Logistics: Pioneering a Distinct Global Offering

The concept of customer experience as a business imperative gained importance over the last few decades as markets became more competitive and customer expectations evolved. Consumers and buyers’ behaviors have shifted dramatically as a result of technological advancements and globalization. This has led organizations to compete in the market in dramatically different ways to drive success.

Human-to-Human, at the heart of success in global logistics

When we founded ASF 24 years ago, we began with a singular idea, to put people-first and bring integrity and honor to the freight forwarding market.

Understanding the importance of creating exceptional human experiences in global logistics is at our core. Our customers and business partners have come to rely on our honest, principled way of doing business and our open knowledge sharing.

Logistics is people, process, and technology in that order

Every human interaction is an opportunity to create a positive impact. Beginning with the simple act of fostering transparent, respectful dialogues and responding promptly to our customers' needs.

People-first collaboration in combination with advanced processes and market-leading technology enable us to provide high-performing transportation and logistics services focused on optimizing global supply chains.

Don't just take our word for it

To verify our human-centric approach to global logistics, we sought the voices of our customers. We asked several of our key clients to describe how they would recommend ASF to a peer looking for a new logistics provider. Here is what we heard:

“ASF has one of the most experienced teams in the market, yet they operate more like a mom-n-pop but with global reach and world-class talent. ASF is the most flexible, creative and customer-focused partner you will work with.”

“If you value having confidence in your freight forwarder - resting easy at night knowing things will work out as planned - then you need a team that is on top of your bookings, ensuring your product moves from origin to DC, communicating proactively throughout the lifecycle of each shipment, and is available when you need them; then you must work with ASF.”

“Of all the freight forwarders, ASF is most open to working ‘outside the box.’ They are not bound by strict processes; they adapt and get creative. Other freight forwarders are rigid, impersonal, and often hard to reach when you need them.”

“It is not often that the word ‘honorable’ or ‘trustworthy’ is easily thrown around in the logistics space, especially when it comes to freight forwarders, but ASF truly are those things. Our partnership is one where a handshake means something – ASF abides by what they agree to; in fact, they try harder to do what they agreed to than anyone else.”

Our journey never ends

Human-centric logistics isn't just a concept, it’s not a destination to arrive to – it’s our tireless pursuit and core to everything we do. Our journey has been, and always will be, centered around people—our customers, partners, and the individuals who make up the ASF family.

We will always remain committed to the highest human standards, and honoring our commitments to elevate the logistics and transportation solutions we develop for our customers.

Meet Our Expert

This article is reviewed by Jeffrey D. Plumley, Chief Commercial Officer and Licensed US Customs House Broker.

Jeff has an extensive background in global logistics, spanning various freight forwarding executive management positions. As a Licensed US Customs House Broker, he has managed regulatory compliance and is a worldwide expert in Flexitank transportation logistics.

In addition to his strong forwarding and Flexitank background, Jeff was also Head of Regulatory Compliance and Sales for a major global logistics software provider. He has over 30 years of logistics experience and a strong leadership background having graduated from the Citadel.

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