Simplifying Freight Visibility in the Digital Age

Technology became an extremely important enabler for shippers and logistics providers during the pandemic. It connected the various links in the supply chain, bridged human collaboration between trading partners, and kept freight flowing.

Today, logistics technology adoption continues with real-time visibility providing key information about the whereabouts of freight at all the key milestones, and driving important cost and time savings through enhanced productivity, improved data quality, and data based decision-making.

Data integrity refers to accurate, complete, and consistent data, not simply the availability of data. Data integrity ensures that available data is valuable to the end user. Historically, the lack of integrity in freight data is something that was accepted as the industry norm. It stemmed from data fragmentation - ports, terminals, drayage carriers, distribution centers, and ocean carriers all maintained their own data with no industry standards or viable way of sharing the data with the end user.

Through our partnership with Gnosis Freight, we're confident that the ASF Freight Platform has the highest data quality in the industry. Gnosis uses data enrichment services, joining multiple data sources together to provide dynamic, predictive, and highly accurate origin to destination tracking milestones. 

Freight is tracked for all cargo milestones at the pre-shipment, in-transit, and post-delivery level, enabling you to use live visibility data that is linked to the associated container and PO data, allowing you to effectively manage by exception.

Not only do you, as a shipper, have full visibility to your shipments, but it's also a vital digital tool for our caring ASF team. We use it to schedule and manage container deliveries with precision. Also, to keep a close watch to reduce those unnecessary demurrage and detention charges. If any invalid charges pop up, we're there to dispute them on your behalf. Peace of mind is our top priority!

ASF Alerts: Simplifying Exception Management

When it comes to managing shipment exceptions, you don’t want the time-consuming job of reviewing endless cargo data points looking for something that has gone awry? We understand your pain. That’s where the ASF Freight Platform’s automated ASF Alerts come in. No more manually checking ocean carrier websites or drowning in information overload. With our automated notifications, we deliver the critical updates you need directly into your email inbox, so you stay informed when exceptions occur, as well as get notified when you need to act on specific freight transactions.

  1. New Booking Alert: Let’s you know when a new booking has been placed and is loaded onto your booking page. You’ll be prompted to review, edit, and/or approve the new booking. Why is this important? This alert will prevent bookings from sitting unapproved which could result in missing critical dates, such as a container missing a vessel sailing date. This alert includes: P/O#, Shipper, POL (port of load), Destination, and ETD (estimated time of departure).
  1. Unapproved Bookings: See which containers haven’t been approved for sailing. This allows you to see what bookings need approvals to make requested  sailing dates. This alert will include the P/O#, Shipper, POL, Destination, and ETD.  
  1. ETA (estimated time of arrival) Changes: Alerts you when changes have been made to a container’s ETA, such as when a shipment is delayed due to berthing congestion at the POD (port of departure). 
  1. Empty Returned: Know when your empty container has been returned to port. This will help ensure that Per Diem/Detention is prevented along with giving out-gate/returned dates to show how many days the container was off-port. This alert will include the MBL (master Bill of Lading), Container #, Discharged, Out-Gate, and Empty returned date.  
  1. Per Diem (3 Day): The Per Diem 3 Day alert shows you the containers that have three days or less remaining before it starts to accrue per diem.  
  1. Per Diem (1 Day): The Per Diem 1 Day alert shows you the containers that have one remaining free day before it starts to accrue per diem.

Logistics technology is a game-changer that streamlines and simplifies cumbersome freight processes that traditionally were done using email, phone, and spreadsheets. No matter what you’re shipping you’ll find that you’ll significantly boost time and cost savings, and improve customer satisfaction with a people-first logistics partner that offers the highest level of freight technology capabilities, timely, accurate and reliable.

ASF- The Human Standard in Global Logistics

ASF Logistics, founded 24 years ago, began with a singular idea: to put people-first and bring integrity and honor to the global freight forwarding market. Every human interaction is an opportunity to create a positive impact. Beginning with the simple act of fostering transparent, respectful dialogues and responding promptly to client needs. This strong belief system has positioned ASF as a trusted logistics partner and important resource for industry-leading logistics technology. Our collaboration with Gnosis Freight, a Container Lifecycle Management technology provider and leader in data integrity, positions ASF on the cutting-edge of logistics technology today.

While technology plays a pivotal role, it is the human element at ASF that ensures the agility, resilience, and success of supply chain operations, especially in this ever-changing global trade landscape.

ASF Logistics provides supply chain logistics services throughout the world including all forms of transport, cargo insurance, customs brokerage, and contract management. Specializations include: Flexitanks, reefer logistics, and project cargo.

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This article is reviewed by Jeffrey D. Plumley, Chief Commercial Officer and Licensed US Customs House Broker.

Jeff has an extensive background in global logistics, spanning various freight forwarding executive management positions. As a Licensed US Customs House Broker, he has managed regulatory compliance and is a worldwide expert in Flexitank transportation logistics.

In addition to his strong forwarding and Flexitank background, Jeff was also Head of Regulatory Compliance and Sales for a major global logistics software provider. He has over 30 years of logistics experience and a strong leadership background having graduated from the Citadel.

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