The Art of Shipping Motor Vehicles

We understand that not all cargo is created equal. When it comes to transporting precious cargo like race cars, luxury automobiles, and recreational vehicles, a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of international regulations are essential. Here’s an overview pointing out what it takes to seamlessly ship and secure vehicles throughout the world.

When shipping motor vehicles, such as race cars and high-end luxury automobiles, think Maybachs, the process goes beyond just loading them into a container and shipping them off. These vehicles require special handling, expertise, insurance protection, and thorough inspections at origin and destination. Knowledge of the import country’s requirements and regulations is also key to reliable transport.

Expertise and specialization in vehicle shipping is the cornerstone of ensuring that high-value vehicles receive the care and attention they require throughout the shipping process.

Containerized Transport

For many vehicles, the use of ocean containers is a reliable method for international shipping. These containers offer protection against the elements and secure the vehicles in transit. Notably, a single automotive may be secured in a container for maximum protection, or two – three automobiles can fit snugly into a standard 40' container. This enclosed method of shipping not only ensures the safety of the vehicles but also optimizes shipping costs.

RO-RO Transport & Multipurpose

Recreational vehicles, those beloved travel trailers, require a different approach. Roll-on, roll-off (RO-RO) open vessels are often times used to transport large RVs to global destinations. At both origin and destination, skilled workers drive RVs onto and off the vessel using specially designed ramps. This method offers a safe, secure, and efficient way to transport these bulky vehicles while minimizing the risk of damage.

A multi-purpose vessel could also transport RVs as these ships are built to transport different types of cargo: bulk, oversize, or in containers. RVs secured on a flat-rack would be lifted onto the vessel by a crane.

Visibility: Tracking Shipments

Predictive and tracking data is a powerful tool providing full visibility to end-to-end vehicle shipments. Day or night shippers have immediate online access to visibility tracking data through the ASF Freight Platform. Caring, dedicated ASF team members also track shipments daily to schedule and manage vehicle deliveries once they arrive at destination. Accurate, timely visibility status data improves efficiency and enhances freight management.  Unnecessary or inaccurate demurrage and detention charges and disputes of invalid charges are reduced when shipment tracking has data integrity.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Compliance

Navigating customs and border regulations is a crucial part of vehicle shipping. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection mandates that vehicle titles are validated, and shippers must have the proper authority before conducting international shipping of vehicles. As your trusted logistics partner, ASF ensures that all the necessary documentation and permissions are in place, minimizing any delays or complications during the shipping process.

Shipping motor vehicles, whether they are race cars, luxury automobiles, or recreational vehicles, is a complex process that demands precision, expertise, and a deep understanding of international logistics. As an international logistics provider, ASF ensures each shipment adheres to global regulations and the proper documentation is prepared, as well as employs highly effective shipping methods to guarantee that the utmost care and attention is given to your valuable vehicle cargo.

ASF- The Human Standard in Global Logistics

ASF Logistics, founded 24 years ago, began with a singular idea: to put people-first and bring integrity and honor to the global freight forwarding market. Every human interaction is an opportunity to create a positive impact. Beginning with the simple act of fostering transparent, respectful dialogues and responding promptly to client needs. This strong belief system has positioned ASF as a trusted logistics partner and important resource for industry-leading logistics technology. Our collaboration with Gnosis Freight, a Container Lifecycle Management technology provider and leader in data integrity, positions ASF on the cutting-edge of logistics technology today.

While technology plays a pivotal role, it is the human element at ASF that ensures the agility, resilience, and success of supply chain operations, especially in this ever-changing global trade landscape.

ASF Logistics provides supply chain logistics services throughout the world including all forms of transport, cargo insurance, customs brokerage, and contract management. Specializations include: Flexitanks, reefer logistics, project cargo, and vehicle and watercraft logistics.

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This article is reviewed by Jeffrey D. Plumley, Chief Commercial Officer and Licensed US Customs House Broker.

Jeff has an extensive background in global logistics, spanning various freight forwarding executive management positions. As a Licensed US Customs House Broker, he has managed regulatory compliance and is a worldwide expert in Flexitank transportation logistics.

In addition to his strong forwarding and Flexitank background, Jeff was also Head of Regulatory Compliance and Sales for a major global logistics software provider. He has over 30 years of logistics experience and a strong leadership background having graduated from the Citadel.

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