Reefer Trucking

Reefer trucking: ensuring optimal preservation and timely delivery.

Tailored, technology-driven domestic transportation for temperature-sensitive products.

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When temperature control is paramount

Refrigerated trucking is a specialized transportation method vital for delivering temperature-sensitive goods, such as fresh produce, juice, and pharmaceuticals while preserving their quality and integrity. These trucks and trailers are equipped with advanced cooling systems to maintain proper temperatures, ensuring products reach their destinations in optimal conditions. In essence, reefer trucking goes beyond mere transportation, representing a blend of technology and dedication, meeting consumer needs for freshness and quality across various industries.

Reliable reefer truck solutions

At ASF, our reefer trucking solutions are driven by long-standing relationships and vast expertise in the trucking industry, ensuring unparalleled domestic shipping for your temperature-sensitive products. From short to long hauls, our specialized reefer offering is backed by a team of dedicated professionals who proactively monitor your cargo, ensuring it reaches distribution centers, storage, or its final destination in optimal condition. Choose ASF for a blend of technology, experience, and industry insights in reefer logistics.



Tailored solutions for refrigerated transport.

Your cargo's unique needs set the groundwork. Given the sensitivities of temperature-controlled shipments, we delve into meticulous planning. From understanding the precise temperature requirements of your products to navigating the nuances of delivery stipulations or local compliance, we've got it covered. An ASF expert remains by your side, diligently overseeing your reefer cargo's transit.



Hassle-free reefer cargo compliance.

The realm of reefer trucking occasionally necessitates permits and clearances. Depending on your cargo specifics and the nations in the shipping loop, there might be regulatory hoops to jump through. But with ASF, it's a smooth sail. We manage all interactions with customs, port authorities, and other regulatory bodies.
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Reefer truck insurance

Guarding your reefer shipments.

From pharmaceuticals to dairy products, seafood, fresh produce, ice cream, and more, unique cargo comes with its own set of risks. That’s why insurance is not an afterthought—it's a prerequisite. Our team provides comprehensive reefer breakdown coverage, ensuring that your reefer cargo is shielded against potential setbacks. 
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warehousing & distribution

Integrated cold chain solutions.

From warehousing and distribution to transportation and final delivery, we provide a seamless and coordinated approach to cold chain management. Our expertise in cold chain logistics ensures that your sensitive cargo is handled with the utmost care and precision at every stage of its journey, guaranteeing its quality and safety from origin to destination.
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LTL/FTL temperature-controlled trucking

Temperature-sensitive cargo comes in many forms—ranging from fresh produce, seafood, choice cuts of meat, and frozen delicacies to vital pharmaceuticals. Each shipment is approached with meticulous planning, ensuring the integrity of your goods.

We offer both Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) temperature-controlled trucking services. Whether you have a smaller load that needs specific temperature conditions or a larger shipment requiring dedicated space, we've got you covered. Our LTL services provide cost-effective solutions for smaller loads, allowing you to share space with other shipments, while our FTL services offer the advantage of exclusive use of an entire truck for your cargo. No matter the size or complexity of your shipment, we ensure that it's handled with the utmost care and precision to meet your temperature-sensitive requirements.

Innovation in cooling: tech-driven shipping solutions

At ASF, we harness next-gen tools and technologies to guarantee quality, safety, and seamless traceability for your perishable goods. The premier ASF Freight Platform offers real-time tracking, providing instant clarity on your cargo’s whereabouts and well-being and giving us the adaptability to handle unpredictable elements, from weather fluctuations to sudden regulatory shifts. 

Just fresh deliveries.

We get it, your reefer cargo requires consistent adherence to delivery schedules, proper handling of the cargo, responsive customer service, and effective communication throughout the shipping process. Put your perishable items in our care to ensure it is delivered on time and in the right condition.

Cool global networks.

Established and healthy relationships with the world's largest ocean carriers mean we can offer comprehensive global coverage. We negotiate the best contract terms and pass these on to you.
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Chilled bulk liquids.

When your nonhazardous, bulk liquids require climate control, then the ASF Flexitank Solution is the go to. The combo of a reefer truck with a Flexitank offers bulk liquid cargo the solution needed to move seamlessly to destination.
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Direct inland moves.

Our extensive land-side delivery network is powered by the best in the business. We work with those partners to tailor inland moves which are ideal for reefer cargo reliability and product preservation.
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Optimize your cold chain

Our domestic shipping solutions offer unmatched reliability. With connections to the top reefer carriers, your cargo benefits from advanced refrigeration technology and expert oversight to maintain the desired temperature and efficacy. We offer integrated warehousing and distribution services to ensure consistent quality. Our real-time tracking system provides full visibility into your perishable cargo's status. From fresh produce to pharmaceuticals, our customized refrigerated truck solutions meet your specific requirements.

Chilled liquid transport

For those shipping bulk non-hazardous liquids in a temperature-regulated setting, ASF Flexitanks are the top choice. Our Flexitanks are designed to efficiently and reliably transport a wide range of non-hazardous liquids in temperature-regulated settings, including food and beverage products, non-hazardous chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agricultural supplies, and various specialty liquids. For either warm or cold requirements, our Flexitank Solution is the ideal solution for versatile, temperature-controlled liquid cargo shipments.

Setting the benchmark in reefer transportation.

Experience the pinnacle of reliability and precision in reefer trucking with ASF. Contact us today to discuss your temperature-sensitive shipping needs and elevate your cargo transport to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ASF maintain competitive rates for reefer trucking services?

Our longstanding relationships in the trucking industry and efficient operational practices allow us to offer competitive reefer rates while emphasizing quality service.

How does ASF handle storage and distribution for reefer cargo?

Beyond transportation, ASF integrates with warehousing and distribution centers, ensuring consistent quality and treatment of your cargo throughout the supply chain. Contact us to learn more about storage and distribution in your supply chain.

What is a Flexitank, and how can it benefit my domestic shipping plan?

ASF Flexitanks are efficient solutions for shipping bulk non-hazardous liquids under temperature control. Paired with a reefer, they ensure that products like beverages, oils, and more are transported seamlessly.

Does ASF only operate domestically?

While we pride ourselves on our exceptional domestic shipping services, ASF extends its reach globally, offering import and export solutions across ocean, air, and land, backed by our strong partnerships with leading carriers worldwide.

How do you manage permits and clearances for reefer cargo?

ASF can manage all interactions with customs, port authorities, and other regulatory bodies. Our Customs Brokerage Service ensures hassle-free compliance and timely delivery.