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Positioned in Savannah, Georgia, ASF Global Logistics stands as your dedicated partner for both domestic and international freight forwarding. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated through personalized partnerships that connect businesses to the global marketplace.

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Empowering Georgia's Trade Dynamics

Savannah's Intermodal Transport

Many turn to The Port of Savannah for its unparalleled intermodal transport capabilities including warehousing, trucking, and distribution across the U.S. It serves as a seamless connection for cargo to major logistical hubs, including Atlanta's vast distribution network, Charlotte's access to the Northeast and Midwest, and Memphis' connection to the central United States.

Further enhancing its reach, Savannah's rail and highway systems provide efficient links to the extensive warehousing and distribution centers throughout the U.S. Investments like the Mason Mega Rail project underscore the port's commitment to extending its intermodal reach, ensuring Savannah remains a key node in the global supply chain.

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A Leader in Global Freight Forwarding

ASF is recognized as a reliable freight partner backed by our extensive global logistics network. With a Savannah, Georgia office, we work closely with port officials, international shipping lines, and intermodal transportation providers to position ourselves as leaders in the international logistics industry. Utilizing our comprehensive expertise in customs brokerage and supply chain management, we navigate the intricacies of both import and export services, focusing on efficient and sustainable freight solutions.
A Leader in Global Freight Forwarding
Ocean Transportation

Ocean Transportation

Through our ocean logistics services, we extend your reach from the busiest U.S. ports to the rest of the world. Partnering with the Port of Savannah, we deliver top freight solutions that are both effective and economically sound. Whether it's full container loads or less than container loads, our ocean transportation services ensure your cargo travels seamlessly from point A to point B.
Land Transportation

Land Transportation

ASF Global Logistics offers extensive inland transportation options, traversing the complex web of North American roadways and railways. From oversized loads to standard freight transportation, our network of motor carriers enables us to provide premier inland transportation services in Georgia and across North America.
Air Transportation

Air Transportation

For the most urgent shipments, our air freight services provide the quickest and most reliable option. We ensure that your international shipping needs are met with speed and efficiency, with our digital platform offering real-time tracking and customer support throughout the entire process.
Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

The maze of customs regulations can be overwhelming, but ASF’s experienced customs broker team simplifies this process. We ensure compliance with all regulations, facilitating smooth international trade with fewer delays, and assuring continuous improvement of the logistics process for our clients.
Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance

At ASF Global Logistics, protecting your cargo against unforeseen incidents is of paramount importance. We provide a range of cargo insurance options, from basic to all-inclusive coverage, to protect your freight during its journey.
Contract Management

Contract Management

In the intricate world of logistics, effective contract management is key. ASF offers detailed contract management services, ensuring efficient handling of your shipping contracts, from rate negotiations to managing service agreements, helping to mitigate potential risks in your supply chain.

ASF Global Logistics: Your trusted partner in providing end-to-end supply chain solutions. Reach out to us for a seamless logistics experience.

ASF’s commitment to personalized service and its ability to deliver results has made them a trusted partner of Raymour and Flanigan for over 15 years. Their knowledge, dependability and customer focus have allowed us to maintain a steadfast supply chain which is imperative to our brand.

David Mirabito,

Global Director Of Logistics

Savannah's Human Standards in Freight Forwarding

At ASF Global Logistics, we represent the pinnacle of logistics companies in Savannah, Georgia, delivering a personalized, human-centric service model that sets us apart. Our team of expert customs brokers and logistics specialists is dedicated to providing superior customer care, ensuring every aspect of your logistics needs is managed with integrity and precision. Our customized logistics solutions have established us as the logistics partner of choice for discerning businesses around the world. Reach out to ASF today to experience our unparalleled freight forwarding solutions in Savannah and see your supply chain transformed.
Savannah's Human Standards in Freight Forwarding

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ASF address environmental sustainability?
We are an environmentally aware business that focuses on working with customers to help them reduce the impact of their supply chain on the environment. This is accomplished by supporting ocean carriers that prioritize sustainability and green, climate-friendly initiatives including reducing waste, pollution and emissions.
Who do we contact when we need support?
Contact your dedicated account manager who is always ready to provide you with personalized support and care.
Do your rate quotes include all surcharges and additional fees?
Our rates are transparent. They include all known surcharges and clearly outline what costs are included in a quote. We stand fully behind our rate quotes.
What type of insurance coverage is available from ASF?
Cargo insurance insures property while in transit against loss or damage arising from perils associated with the navigation of sea or air and subsequent land and inland waterways.
Do you assist with navigating all relevant regulations and have a clear process for customs clearance?
Yes, ASF has a complete customs brokerage team that is prepared to navigate your customs clearance quickly and effectively.
How do you track shipments and provide updates?
You can rely on our freight technology platform to provide you with complete, detailed milestone visibility to your shipments from origin booking to door delivery including live updates.
How do you handle issues or problems that arise during shipping?
We’re responsive and proactive, ready to keep your supply chain on track. If there’s an issue of any kind we’re ready to review it and determine the best way to resolve it.